"What is that damn thing?!"

I don’t know, JUST FUCKIN DRIVE!"


1080 version


3840x2160 version

Playing around with some WWII models. Kind of hit what I was going for with this pic!

Comments & Criticism?

Where did you get those soldiers from?

I think the creature is a little too visible. It’s obviously not bad, but it’d be cool to give it a little more mystery, maybe with a picture in a place where the monster is surrounded by more trees and such. Also, I think you could use another angle

Maybe he’s a tester of those models ?

Anyway, excellent screen !

Must agree with Hauptmann. Excelent work!

My first thought after reading the text was Jeff Goldblum.
“Must go fast, Must Go Faster!”

I’m testing the soldiers + jeep out, no idea when they’ll be released or if they will be :o

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Not enough dinosaurs though, haha. But definitely spot on! :v:

I’m guessing that they’re Ninja Nubs work?

haha epic work man!

A nice example of a good action pose. A lot of people struggle making good action shots, so they tend to off-screen it.

Thanks, try to I stray away from generic poses as much as possible. Anything to improve on? The lighting is a bit off I must say.