What is the 3ds max units scale?

Hi, I’m trying to do some basic beginners modelling and I want to model my own phone as a prop for gmod. But I don’t know how the units system works(I’m sure this question has been answered here before but I for some reason can’t use the search function of facepunch). I have done some googling and apparently 1 unit in 3ds max(generic units) = 1 unit in gmod, but what is 1 gmod unit? I have come across this website: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Dimensions , but it gives 3 different scales:

Maps, architecture and prop models use a scale of 1 foot = 16 units.
Skyboxes (which are 1/16th scale of ordinary maps) use 1 foot = 1 unit.
Human Character models for Source Engine currently use 1 foot = 12 units.

Am I supposed to go with one of the scales above, if so, which one? I assume the above one, 1 foot = 16 units.
So if it is 1 foot = 16 units, I now want to convert the width of the phone(from wikipedia) to gmod units. I convert mm to foot using google giving me 59.9 millimeters = 0.19652231 feet and then I divide 0.19652231 feet by 16 = 0,012282644375 units. Would this be correct? So I would just set the box width to 0,012282644375 with the modifier in 3ds max, or is there again a catch making all this a pain in the ass too?

3DS Max’s generic units are the same as Hammer’s units (aka map grid unit)

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You can also set 3DS Max with different units. There’s a units part in ‘Customize’ where you can set it up with metric or imperial units, although I am unsure if it’s the same ratio to Source.

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I’m not positive if that’s right. 0.01 of a unit is very small.

you can always decompile something like a can and scale it to that after the model has been made

Ok, thanks. I’ll just give it a go with 1 foot = 16 unit and see what happens in gmod.

Allright, I have tried the 1 foot = 16 units scale, but this will never work. The 0,03 units will be automaticly set to 0,0. Does anyone know the scale for general prop models?

Decompile a model from source, import it into max and use it as reference.