What Is The Appeal Of A Roleplay Script?

I’m trying to make my gamemode more accessible to the RP community.


It has the potential to work very well for RP, but there are some problems that need addressing. Mainly, the random deathmatch factor. It’s too easy for players to just shoot eachother instead of get along and ~roleplay~.

So i ask you all: What can i add to my script that makes it more versatile so that you can turn roleplay mode on and off? I was thinking of adding faction leaders to each faction, and those players choose which faction your team is at war with. If you are not at war with a faction then you cannot hurt them.

You should take a lesson from the Facepunch/Roleplay community. What makes a good roleplay is a roleplay which has a narrative, but not something like a Serious HL2RP that breathes the canon, and doesn’t allow for niching room.

Dark RP is too open, but provides good effort towards the concept for open ground.
HL2RP/Cider are very close minded. It’s enacts like a Forum RP which is spectrum around a single story line, and gives no course of area where the player can build their character. With this though a player is basically thrown a raw piece of clay, and is told to get creative or GTFO.

What you need is an open-minded RP which is given a narrative background. If you were too play off a storyline such as WOTS. Give the player a way too make their own community factions, and allow them to work out how exactly they do in certain things, and what are the things they lack in. If your doing HL2RP allow the player to build their charchter, but still enforce the harsh cruel world around them.

Remember an important lesson… History needs to be written before a play is re-enacted on it. Make the background history… And give players a reason to do certain things.

Possibly players will first spawn as Stalkers and they are neutral.
Then if they are good roleplayers and overall have good behaviour, Admin could whitelist them to a faction.
Also, character creation menu and maybe physical description which is shown on the top of the players head?
Wearable clothes?
I know that you might not do these features, but i see great serious roleplay potential in this gamemode and i made these suggestions to make it possible.
Oh and some command suggestions for the roleplay chat:
[release]/roll = Rolls out a random number between 0-100
/it = Allows you to describe a local event: Sun is shining brightly and you can feel how it heats your sensitive skin.
/me = You know this.
/y = Yell! = [YELL] Help me!
/w = Whisper… = [whisper] Psst.
/looc = Local OOC.
/ooc = You know this, too.
/radio or /r = Maybe something like when you have the radio item, it allows you to use radio chat?
/note <text> = Something like in DarkRP, allows you to make a paper note which can be read by using it?[/release]
There are just suggestions, but i’d like to see this as brand new Stalker roleplay script.

Yeah, those commands would actually fit a RP.

A good staff, doing their job and not abusing.
Whitelist for jobs.
A good, open RP that people actually want to play and not break rules.

How about a PP system like in Dead Rising?

It could make it so then when it comes to RDM the players can govern themselves, if someone kills enough players in a specified amount of time it puts a bounty on them and if another player kills/arrests them they are awarded with a bunch of PP (as well as deducting PP from the RDMer) depending on how many players were killed by the RDMer.

I haven’t really based my gamemode around any one storyline. It’s kind of like STALKER in that you’re in a wasteland surrounded by radiation and anomalies. But the faction names and styles are completely different since i don’t want to re-use the same old tired “Duty”, “Freedom”, etc. names.

Of course the one thing that creates endless re-playability is tension between factions. With the right features i could see endless scenarios taking place. One faction taking another faction’s leader hostage, arranging an ambush on a convoy of scientists, etc. What it comes down to is a solid community with good admins to keep things on track.

I’m still unsure about this. Forcing players onto a team without a trader might not be a good idea. You need a place to spawn safely.

I may be totally wrong and this could be a critical feature though. Perhaps i’ll make it so players on a faction vote for their leader? And that leader chooses who is on the faction? It would be a convar of course, in case some servers don’t want there to be a leader.

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Jobs aren’t implemented. There just doesn’t seem to be a need for them. Apart from perhaps being a black market trader who trades things to other factions i don’t see the point in any other job. The trader NPC handles everything that needs handling.

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I’ve actually implemented this already. There’s a quest that puts a bounty on the head of the player with the most kills. So if you kill 10 players then expect to have people come after you because of the bounty on your head. The more kills you have, the more you’re worth.

The problem is that this only further promotes RDM which is detrimental to roleplay.

So, what i’ve gathered so far:

  • I should add the option for faction leaders. Should it be controlled by vote or by admins?
  • Factions should be able to declare peace. Perhaps add a vote system for the faction to declare war? When war is declared both sides can cause damage to each-other.
  • Possibly have a convar allowing admins to force new players into a “Wanderer” faction until they get recruited to a faction?

Oh and i got some more suggestions:
[release]Clothes as items, basically changes your model. (Incase you missed my earlier post.)
Character creation, which allows you to set name, gender, model and description which you can see on the top of the players head. All the character info would be saved as .txt files in data folder.
Holstering, incase this is not in the gamemode yet.
Hands which are the default weapon, basically allows you to lift light props and maybe punch?
Door system, not needed but would be useful.
No deathnotes and deaths in console would be only seen by admins.[/release]

Not sure what the point of /roll is…

Yell and whisper seem kind of pointless, local chat reaches a decent distance as it is. Perhaps a private message system allowing two players to communicate?

Don’t see the point in local OOC, OOC should be readable by everyone imo.

I might implement a paper item which can be written on.

Clothes might be tricky, the only way to tell factions apart is their model. Might lead to confusion.

Customizable names might be a good idea. I could allow players to choose a name or let the game pick for them.

There’s a Hands SWEP already in case you want to holster your gun. The knife is already similar to punching people. Perhaps i’ll let players pick up props that cannot be put in the inventory?

Deathnotes are off, but i left the console notices. Perhaps i’ll add a convar that lets you remove them.

Basically /roll is good for roleplay fights.
For example:
Player 1 attempts to punch the man infront of him.
Player 1 has rolled out 60 of 100.
Player 2 attempts to block the attack.
Player 2 has rolled out 70 of 100.
Player 1 gets blocked by the man.

This is quite important for serious roleplaying, it depends are you looking for DarkRP style roleplay or something more serious.

Also about clothes, it’s basically ply:SetModel, nothing trickier. You could find a suitcase for example and when you use it from inventory, it changes your model. By clicking the item in inventory again, your model will turn to default.
Take a look at some roleplaying scripts, such as TacoScript.
But yeah, character creation would be cool.
Although, these suggestions may lead to that you would need a create a roleplaying version of the gamemode. I’m quite sure you don’t want that, but would be nice to use it.
Name could be “RadScript”.

Oh, i had no idea people used a D&D approach for roleplay fighting. That’s cool. Maybe i’ll just make a SWEP that does all the work so you don’t have to manually roll?

Oh god , I missed the disagree button.
I meant , that I disagree

It would be easier to add /roll, people who roleplay will use it.
Adding it to swep sounds pretty bad idea if you ask from me.
Also, if you would make an RP version of this, people could easily edit the factions name and use their own storyline.
So basically you would make a flexible gamemode, which can be transformed to any kind of roleplay.
Zombie roleplay, Fallout roleplay, Stalker roleplay, Space roleplay, you name it.
Could you add me on Steam? So i could discuss about this if you want to make a good roleplaying script.
I can give more suggestions and i can help you with some other things, too.

Woof, i have a lot of things to implement now.

Keeping a list so i don’t forget.

  • I should add the option for faction leaders. Should it be controlled by vote or by admins?
  • Factions should be able to declare peace. Perhaps add a vote system for the faction to declare war? When war is declared both sides can cause damage to each-other.
  • Possibly have a convar allowing admins to force new players into a “Wanderer” faction until they get recruited to a faction?
  • Perhaps add a combat mode weapon that lets people roll numbers for roleplay damage? Or maybe have RPG damage mode a global thing that can be enabled by convar?
  • Let players choose names.
  • Add a paper entity that lets you write notes?

I’m against overusing commands that are used to manipulate the roleplaying environment, stuff like /me and /it is useless, we have graphics, why would you need such commands to do stuff such as “I pick up this bottle”, these should be used sparingly and only for narration purposes.
And you can just get rid of the D&D like roll command, if it is needed for stuff like blocking or shooting, you can make the gamemode do it by itself, no need of other player input other than shooting and so on.

I prefer having whisper and yell to change the chat radius. I’ve used them before, since sometimes you want everyone to hear what you’re saying, and other times it’s important that only one person can hear you. You can’t rely on other people to RP not hearing something that you were “whispering” when they clearly saw you say it in the chat. I think having a private message system that can allow you to contact someone privately over a whole map might open up too much potential for metagaming. Having a system like that requiring a cell phone/radio item would be better.

An interesting addition to whisper would be if you had it say “player 2 says something too quiet for you to hear” when you’re just out of range of someone who is using whisper chat.

LOOC chat is best used when it’s about something that would only be relevant to the people around you.

What if we don’t have an animation for fapping, eating, facepalming or picking up said bottle? There can never be enough animations to replace /me.

I dislike having an abundance of text commands, it just obfuscates everything. What’s the difference between local OOC and global OOC? If you’re going to talk in OOC then you probably want everyone to see it anyhow.

If your OOC chat is only relevant to a small number of people then just use steam chat or something.

This. Not everyone needs to know if you’re, say, telling someone how they should act in a situation gameplay-wise.

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I think I just answered. Anyhow, local-OOC has uses and should be there.

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Actually, I think LOOC reduces OOC spam because people won’t have to spam the global OOC with things that matter only locally.

That said, add a OOC delay.

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I know I would join a server that had a good backstory, RDM restrictions (gun trust-ish unless guns are important in RP) and a nice, creative community.

That, and horribly fascistic admins. Nothing makes me feel more happy than people getting banned after one warning.

Have you any idea of roleplay? The point of it is imagination.

We have the gamemode.