What is the best FastDL hosting?

What is the best FastDL hosting? I have a very active Garry’s Mod server but we don’t have FastDL yet, and people are complaining of slow speeds all the time. I already contacted my host, but they don’t provide this service. They advised me to look for a shared hosting provider. I signed up for a month at GoDaddy but it was even slower than without FastDL.

I use www.miscis.com
They’ve always replied to my tickets within a few minutes and answered live chats instantly and been very helpful. I have a custom package because I only need 2gb of disk but 150gb bw which isn’t in any of their plans, and it works out at around $4 per month. I can’t recommend them enough.

Thanks, I’ll check them out.

Any other suggestions?

If your host doesn’t offer FastDL you may want to find a new host.

I live in eastern europe so not many of the hosts have the same standards as the US ones, which have too high ping for me and my players

Maybe I should expand into Europe then. My point is, FastDL is essential for source servers. Your host should be able to offer you it even if they charge more for it. If they do not have the ability to host FastDL, something is wrong.

I mean even if they can’t automate it, they should be able to toss you a web hosting plan or something…

Not all game server providers think like you. Some of them like profit. :v:

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But yeah… web hosting should be a given. Which GSP are you with, op?

There is nothing special about a fastDL server. It is just a website.
Is your current host a gameserver host only or are you running on a server? If the later you can just install nginx or apache and be good. Otherwise just find any webhost with a good connection.