What is the best filming software?

Well like the title says, what is a good filming software?

I’ve been using Xfire to film, and well i hate it. It cant handle anything and lags (i cant have a giant thing of lag right in the middle of a movie!)

I know frapps is good but i wanted to make sure there isnt anything better.
(and this may seem, well, like a ra-tard question, but when you have frapps complete does it still have “www.frapps.com” at the top?)

Any help will be appriciated.

Well as far as I know Xfire is the best direct way to film your games, maybe turn graphics down to optimize?

Im done messing with xfire, it dosent even seem to record in good quality anyway.

FRAPS is the way to go IMO

Thanks ill get frapps.

And thanks for moving.


so you think source recorder is better than Fraps?

Source Recorder Obviously for optimal quality and gaming.

Where can i download it?

Source Recorder? You already have it.

? lol where is it? i honestly havent heard of it until today.

Source recorder is built into the source engine. It records everything as a demo (.dem) there are many advantages to this:
-Lagless recording
-Ability to change the camera angles after

You can also export it as the raw .wav and image files and combine it later which keeps the amazingly smooth frame rate that you wish to have.

Here is the most obvious example of what the source recorder (And related commands) can do:

I’ll look into this thanks a lot.

Also does source recorder save the file in the same quality as its played on. Like does it maintain the same graphics and resolution as when you played?

That’s probably one of the best parts, you can record in a low res/low graphic settings to get your best framerate and when you go to convert your demo (Smoothed or not) you can jack up the settings so everyone will “ooh” and “Ahh” at how pretty it looks. When it comes to source games the source recorder is generally your best bet. But if you do a raw conversion do expect most of the space on your computer to be filled up, there are ALOT of high quality images it dumps out.

Well it honestly sounds almost unbelieveble i am really going to look into. Thanks.

Registered Fraps is the best way to go if you’re doing simple recording. If you’re recording shit that’ll put your specs to work (explosions, mass-physics…), then go with Source Recorder.

Actualy with all that being said, i ran into another problem. I dont really like my editing software. I have Pinnacle studio plus, and I was wondering what is the best editing software out there?

I use sony vegas. It’s the best without being too confusing. If you want something extra advanced though, adobe premiere is the best, but it’s complicated up the asshole.

lol ok ill look into both of them.