What is the best OpenAura RP Gamemode?

Okay, I just want to know what you guys think is the best OpenAura gamemode and why :slight_smile:

I was Thinking Phase Four because it has potential to have a really great storyline

Severance, P4 and HL2RP are used too much

I actually don’t see many P4 Servers anymore. Hl2rp Is absolute bullsh*t

Hl2RP is bullshit yes, because of the people who thinks the internet is life, and ddoses people to death.

I remember how a guy threaten to report me to something “IG” community, because he said i stole their idea. First i didn’t know about IG, secondly, he said i stole their idea and took credit for it. How am i supposed to steal “Fallout” from IG, when its not even IG who made Fallout?

Thats why i think all the openaura thing is kinda shitty. It’s good, but the problems you get makes it shit. (Like people ddosing…)

^^^^ True dat.

The GMod community in general is full of people who shouldn’t be allowed here. Children, dramatics, assholes, and other such people. They flock to RP, but can be found anywhere.

Gamemodes aren’t bad because of the people. They’re just misused. DarkRP brings in more of these people than Spacebuild will. The difference between a public and private server also matters. If you want a good RP experience with any gamemode, find a group of friends and make a private server.

Cider Two,AMAZING!