What is the best place to report cheaters?

Isn’t there a thread to report cheaters? I remember seeing one, might have been my imagination. Search function didn’t help either.

I have a many clues that leads to the conclusion that the player under the name “Doctor D” might be using cheats in this game.

  1. He never misses a headshot. While I was in a gunfight with my friend against him, I got shot by him 6 times. I healed up 5 times using medkits, but every time he shot only once, and every time he dealt 48 damage (which is the ammount of damage you take on a M4 headshot while wearing full kevlar)

  2. We were fighting at night, almost pitch black. Durning this 5+ minute long gunfight, I changed my position 3 times while he was distracted trading bullets with my friend. It didn’t take him more than a second to find me again, and shoot me a bullet to the head.

No human in any condition can hit 6 headshots in a row, at almost pitch black, with a laggy engine, while I changed my position 3 times while having to pay attention to my friend downstairs, having only a couple of seconds to shoot me to the head and go back to covering the ground level.

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky" - postal))

Hello, if you have no proof they can’t do anything video/screenshot.

Fraps anything you can and email or pm garry or helk, etc. privately. That’s what I’d suggest.

Dont bother naming names, as anyone can change their name and/or impersonate anyone else’s name at any time, once per hour.

names are probably logged, garry probably knows who changed names and when.

This cheater also had a friend with him, so this rushInNow vouching against my report is probably his faggot friend.

I meant not to bother naming names on the forums, as that doesn’t matter, but by all means include it in your logs/message/proof to the dev team.

Srry BigBadaboom but you don’t name people you never seen in-game because i have bought the game it like 3 days ago and i have play only 1 hours on the US1 server and now i’m only playing on the french server.


This thread on the second page. http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1279498


You said searching got you nowhere. I searched hacker, rust, and it was the 7th result. I don’t believe you.