what is the best rp gamemode for gmod ever made?


until the players understand how to make a good roleplay environment, every rp gamemode sucks.

i would make a rp gamemode…if i knew how to code, make materials and make a map…

pulsar effect roleplay

the old one

not the lagging shit one

There is none.

The best one is LightRP. Although I mostly agree with Chewgum.

Nexus framwork and its mounts. Because you know serious RP rules.


I don’t know, DarkRP is okay sometimes and Nexus and it’s schemas… hard to decide.

Lua is the most piss-easy language to learn you’ll ever see.

None are very good, most of them are filled with 10 year olds.

Pulsar effect used to be a good roleplay mostly without little kid shits that decide to use wallhacks and aimbots, because they got banned from Counter-strike.

I don’t think their is a good RP now though, since most people are fuckshits with a brain of horse crap and not yet born.

Without the playerbases, I would say Nexus is.

I would personally say nexus, as I believe that it provides a straight-forward approach to roleplaying. It’s very definite, makes it easy to find the rules and allows you to designate areas to have text up which you could use to display the rules.


I thought you left? Leave already you damn baby.

Also no RP mode is best, players themselves need to focus more on making the atmosphere RP friendly, you should NEVER need a script to roleplay.

The old Hl2land serious rp server.
Everything was perfect until it got switched to dark rp.

Which is why I miss simple scripts like LightRP.

Sandbox lightrp and darkrp

Sandbox because that was not only my first RP script (if you wanna call it that) but it the most free RP script. DarkRP was my best RP experience (a few years ago before all these minge wars) and lightRp because it made DarkRp and everyone says that was the golden age of Gmod rp.

Also CakeSkript was pretty fun. I remember being a cop and a cityadministrator… always trying to stop the guys that were trying to take over the city,

I’ve experienced it and it was awesome. I miss those days.