what is the best rp gamemode?

the title

Lol you askin for a ban

The best RP gamemodes are all dead :slight_smile:

None of them

There will be some awsome rp gamemodes coming out in the near future.

I’m confused.

I’m biased - but SeriousRP is the best RP gamemode. Currently, DarkRP is the best and is widely used.

SeriousRP will be to DarkRP as BeOS is to Windows95

Everybody has their own opinions, your thought of the “best” RP gamemode can differ to another persons “best”. I have no “best”, there might be some coming soon, though.

For what? Actual RP?

if you want to roleplay deathmatch DarkRP is the best lol.

hmm… I would say the short lived terminator edit of TnB

well i know its not death match rp -cough- i mean darkrp