What is the best RP Mode?

What is the best RP Gamemode out there that isn’t DarkRP?

That’s a very hard question, there are many that each have their own perks.

In terms of scripting the newer tacoscripts are rather nice.

Every one and none at the same time. What are you looking for, Whitellama?

Why not download a bunch and try them yourself, see what you think of them? The public ones are all very different, and vary in quality. The best RP’s tend to be custom, although lots are based on public mods.

You could try:

  • Lemonadescript
  • SaythrScript
  • Cakescript
    ^^ I believe the above 3 are based off each other, dunno the order
  • Tacoscript
  • GModRP
  • Cats’ basic RP addon (can’t remember the name or link, super basic, “raw” RP)

Unfortunately, too many are based on DarkRP nowadays. that means there’s lots o’ clutter. On the other hand, there are gamemodes that were praised when they were released, but soon died. Apparently only adding clutter keeps DarkRP alive. Which is kind of sad.


I think he wants to download one? If not, the RP forum is far better for finding gamemodes.

Even though it’s biased from hgncommand, I can concur that RadScript is indeed great RP.

:smug: Biased as charged.

Thanks everyone… I think my favorite is probably still DarkRP (as it was from the beginning) but they are all pretty fun.

How about ones you can download yourself and host on your own server?