What is the best SWEP base for me to use?

Just lately I have been trying to update my sweps with perhaps a new base. I would like to use a new base that lowers the gun when sprinting, iron sights and the ability to attach a suppressor and one that DOESNT use .single weapon coding sounds and uses separate .wav sounds, or can someone please tell me how I can use .single sound caches, I am sick to death of having no sounds for my new FAMAS or AKS, I have tried adding them to the csweapons sound cache and have tried to use seperate sound .txt files, I am currently using Mad Cows base, can someone offer a different base or tell me how to use .single sounds effectively, I somehow managed to add it to my M4A1 but have not been able to since, and before anybody says, I do not want to try and code my own lua, I am not good enough at scripting yet, and yes I have looked at tutorials.

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If this has been answered before or someone has provided a link in the rules, just say and I’l ask an admin to close this thread.

Mad cows weapon base seems to be everything you’re describing.

Yeah, its a nice base to use but I cant seem to get the hang of the .single cache file for the sounds, thats the only thing I need someone to help me with to use it effectively, I can do everything else.