What is the BEST upload on GMod.org?

SO… what is it?

Im looking for the BEST garrys mod uploads.


  • Dont just give us a link to your uploads, cmon.
  • Has to be either a map, a mod, a skin, etc. No backgrounds. Gah

Lets find it!

There is no “best upload”


** UnDeadAssassin = -=EsKiMo=- **

want proof? click on eskimo’s garrysmod.org profile link lol.
Its people like you who ruin garrysmod


The most useful tool I have ever downloaded.
In my opinion, it is the best upload.

smartsnap definitely.

well, for the type of person you are, look up anything by sakarias.

Quality thread right here


nude alyx model

Butthurters Sex Mod :q: too bad it got deleted.

Rp_Evocity_v2d cause it has the most downloads.


EvoCity shouldn’t even be up on gmod.org… Its supposed to be an SVN.

I’d would also have to agree that Smart Snap is the best upload.

This is a very opinionated question.

It’s non-SVN.

probably… Phoenix Storms 3, while I use the SVN version, its very handy for noobs who don’t know how to use Tortoise SVN

Pheonix storms

By far.

The Phoenix Storms 3 pack.

Every time i wipe my Gmod clean, PHX3 is always the first addon i install.

Everybody should have phx 3

I quite clearly pick my own uploads. Even if Garry decided to break the only official release I’ve made by removing Javascript from the HTML panel, I still pick it.