What is the best water texture?

Well i’m going for realism in this map that i am disigning for flood and i need to know what the best water texture is there to use. Like that reflects alot that isn’t custom.
So please help me :smiley:

Experiment between them and find the best.

This’ll help:


Garry’s is good (gm_construct’s) construct/water is the materialname if you extract it from the gmod gcf.

If it’s a flood mod map then you’re stuck with crappy looking cheap water, because the water moves.

If it’s a flood you want the dirtiest, shittiest looking water texture.


Try that one.

Ok thanks for the opinions, but matallics is right. When i tried to add a water texture that reflects, it stayed at that reflection even when moved. So i just used the default water (nature/movingplane)

Oh and my favorite texture (just if you want to know :D) is dev/devwater2, i think.