What is the best way to advertise your garrys mod server


I’ve recently opened up a new Dark RP server and I’m having so much trouble getting players. I can get a max of like 6-7 players on but then all goes to hell and they leave.

My question to you is, Whats the best way to advertise your server?

Spam the forums with advertisement threads

Make sure that the admins (and you) are fair and non abusive for starters. Make sure rule breakers are kicked and banned. If you keep your server fair and fun, people will join.

With good content, people will tell their friends to join and there is no need for advertising.

The best way I find, is to get some friends along and just play with them for a little bit. You’ll slowly but surely get a couple of randomers who’ll join in, too.

Although, do understand that there are lots and lots of DarkRP servers already existing, so you may have a little trouble at first, unless you’re doing things totally different.

Originality and good administrators. If there’s nothing setting you apart from the other(what, 500?) darkdm servers, you aren’t going to have very many players.

None of these posts answer the OP of how to advertise, not how to keep players.

In truth, the only realistic advertisement is player count. Which needs players, so yea.

spam about it every chance you get ^^^^^

Domino effect is the best, have friends play together with you on the server and you will slowly notice more people join.

Then those people who joined will have you in favorites/history and they will start becoming regulars.