What is the best way to deal with trolls, minges and propkillers?

I had a group of trolls and minges join my server and they were threatening to hack my server and they propkill me and make me mad and omg they make me angry plz help i want to make it all end they are so noobs!!!

…ban them?

Get a admin addon so you can annoy them the double and enjoy yourself as you jail and ignite their faces?

Those were times :dance:

You’re one of those minges…

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I hope you all know he is trying to trolling. Cyclone is an active minge/prop killer who terrorizes servers every day.
Here have a look http://steamcommunity.com/profile/76561198028035377

nothing wrong with minging

Kill it with fire

keeps the staff on their toes and shows which servers are shit and which servers get shit done

“hack the Server”, yeah, “oh god! they pressed ‘~’ and now they opened the console!!!1!!1”

Kicking/Banning is not a good way ,annoy them to make them rage and THEN use ban

Box them in with a bunch of shit, then spawn 40 NPCs. Make sure to just generally piss them off so you get your point across to not fuck around.

Use lua_run and sendlua to unbind all their keys and set their mouse yaw to 999999, open fullscreen shocksites that cant be moved or closed etc.

I liked how you went through the trouble of trying to prove this guy wrong but you did and it was correct I guess. Well done.

Worth it.

The best way to deal with them is to


Freeze them then put up a gay porn video on playx in front of them, trust me, they will leave and never come back.

Really?!?! even retards know how to block that

I just like when I visit his page, it just redirects me to the login and when I login and click the link again, it just send me to my page home.

minges hmmm? temporarily set all limits to 1 so they can only have 1 prop… ok it might annoy non-minges but it be frustrating to them that they can’t crash the server with spamming :smiley: Sure they will then cry with their squeaky voice in the voice chat but then you can swing the permabanhammer :smiley:

Best way to deal with them is to not give them attention, Your only feeding them… if its on an RP Server I would reccomend you build a shelter from them.

Minges… SendLua them a code of HTML to meatspin.com