what is the best way to optimise a large open space?

i managed to get the FPS improved for when the player is below building height and in the streets but when you go above building height and can look down on everything, holy shit the lag.

how would you go about making the FPS stay stable when over looking the whole map from above?

Try removing the textures on certain sides of your buildings where people can’t see them without doing some noclipping. This should fix it dramatically. Also try using lower resolution textures (such as water).

EDIT: This can be done using the nodraw texture.

Simple: you reduce how much is rendered from areas that lag. Down below buildings will block visibility, but above you don’t get that as much. Prop fade, hinting, draw distance+3d sky, or straight up removing detail are possible options.

Check into using hint/skips and func_visclusters to help older machine.

hinting seems to have done it.

thanks guys