What is the biggest city map out right now?

OK so, my friends and I are thinking about starting a DarkRP server. and we’re looking for the biggest and baddest city map out right now. We’re looking for one with a large size. Like large enough that a ‘Taxi Driver’ job would be applicable but with enough shops and apartments and other rooms and such for up to 44 people. Any suggestions?


^^This, but it’s really laggy for people with average computers.

Not as much as the previous version.

gm_bigcity? v:v:v

I’d say big city.

It’s big, but there are barely any enterable buildings

That wasn’t the question.

Learn to read:


I’d say evocity2_v2p

There’s both of those! You just can’t go in them…

Thanks for the suggestions guys, evocity 2 is great!

Townsend is quite big I think.