What is the Dark Rp F4 Menu Called in .lua

Remember how in dark RP they changed the F4 menu color from gray to Red and black?..
Well, I liked the old gray F4 menu And I want to change it back. How would i do that?



That’s really really odd… soooo… do i just type that into console

Oh, sorry I just read the thread title and assumed you wanted the Lua function for pressing F4.

If you want to change it back get the old version of DarkRP and… Wait this is hardly even a Lua question this is just a file name issue…

Why dont you just look though the DarkRP files and use some trial and error to guess it out of hiding instead of asking Facepunch.

cause… I hate Fucking up my server, besides i just wanted to know if it was complicated… so on so on…


Then run DarkRP in singleplayer and try trial and error… If you’re too lazy to even try just because you cant muster the strength to click on Play Singleplayer and select DarkRP as the gamemode (Or put your thread somewhere appropriate) I hope nobody helps you :confused:

LOLOLOLOL well I thought it was helpful to know after all…If there is a way to make another dark RP menu… I thought the information would be of use…

Maybe learn Lua and edit the RGB colors instead of acting like an idiot and asking for files from the older version of a public gamemode.

Okay …

Doesn’t DarkRP come with a tab to customize colors?

But he’s too lazy to move a DNumberWang

I loughed as always.
(Every thread with DarkRP in the title is funny or atleast dumb)

Even though i like darkrp, i must agree with this.
Most of the people making threads about darkrp stuff needs a brain check.


I’m assuming that he means he wants to create his own dark rp menu, instead of just changing colors… I would help but I’m too lazy to put it all together lol