What is the difference in a v_ model and a w_ model ?

If I am making in a model in Milkshape3d what exactly do I have to do to make one a v_model and one a w_model

A v_model is what you see when you’re holding the weapon. In other words, the hand and the gun.

The w_model is what you see when you’re not holding it. In other words, it’s what you see when the enemy is carrying a weapon, or when you see a dropped weapon on the floor.

I meant to say how do I make the difference in the model or is it the same thing?


What makes a vmodel a vmodel and a wmodel a wmodel

well a view model (v model) is just arms, hands and a gun… where as a world model (w model) is what you see in the world, i.e. soldiers, people, props, buildings or maps. All “world models”

Does that help?

hard to explain what makes them v and w models. Just look at the models, and see if you can figure it out :slight_smile:

Is there a way to make a v_ model and a w_ model out of an already existing prop model?

Yes you can

and how is that?

depends what you want to do… if you want to make a prop a weapon then you will need a modeling program to edit the model files from hl2… you need a program to extract them, convert and then recompile them in after. You’d also need to remake all the animation (not always necessary) then edit the .qc file… depending on what v model you extracted.