What is the dumbest reason that Gmod has crashed on you for?

Title says it all.

Lol, sry for the length of the title.

trowing a melon at a NPC XD

Spawning a large blastdoor. -_-


Starting the game.

Putting a rollermine under a barnacle.

Looking at an exploding barrel…

Wow, your Comp must be crap… XD

spawning a thruster

I’ll take my last post back, and put it here…^ :stuck_out_tongue:

spawned 5000 xplosive barrels and blew in up

Was my CPU, it overheated that day since the grill was clogged. I cleaned it up and so far have not crashed with 348 going off at once, which I found out when some idiot got spawn happy in a build server.

Boy the admin was pissed!

Spawning a Zombine.

Oh, and starting the game.

Pressing Alt+F4

trying to connect to a fretta server im trying to make…

And i still havent figured it out

Playing. (SERIOUSLY!)

Shooting a DoD:S swep

Joining any DarkRP server ever made.

Spawning a prop from Episode 2 (Mounted not ripped)

Alt tabbing to see this retarded thread