What is the entity that makes the dripping sound in rp_downtown_v2 called?

I’m kinda a newb mapper, and the owner of the server I play on wants me to remove the entity that makes the “drip drip” sound in the subway and sewers and such. Does anyone know the name of that entity/trigger/whatever?

Oh boy. Why did you decompile downtown? now the pro is going to come in here in a storm of piss and shit now.

i didn’t, it’s a remake called rp_downtown_v2_fiend_b2 that i’m removing the sounds from, i assume it uses the same ones downtown does

Is this for Chupathingy DarkRP?

Yep :stuck_out_tongue: Search for all the ambient_generic

If you don’t want your map decompiled, add decompilation protection.

If you don’t want people to examine how you made your map, don’t release it.


Oh, and use entspy to kill any ambient_generics, don’t decompile just to fuck with entities.

Decompile protection: there is none.

Pretty sure there is, saw it on the mapping wiki a while ago.



So, that is one way, but it’s not always secure.

There is no 100% secure way to prevent people from decompiling your map unless you make some brushwork that you know will crash the decompiler every time (and I doubt anyone here would bother making a corrupt chunk of brushwork in a map they release).

Yeah, certainly wouldn’t set a very good example, it’s sorta like having an admin room, pointless and stupid.

There are decompile protections.

VMEX is the best (only?) source decompiler, and the only way you’ll get around it’s decompile protections is if you decompile VMEX, cut out the protections and recompile it.


You didn’t read far enough down the page, mister.

We already know. Except i like this quote:

Plus the fact that Rp_Downtown_V2 is open source now…

I guess you don’t know about the hacked VMEX that ignores decompile protection.

Why not use EntSpy to remove it from the BSP? Then put that on the server and you won’t need clients to have a custom version of the BSP because entities are loaded from the server only.

As a fallback you could externally load an extra lump file on the server ot fix it. But the first way would work.

Enjoy the book I gave you.

That said, I wasn’t aware that a VMEX with all the protections removed was available.


Enjoy the alarm clock.

For restating and elaborating on what you said? :downs: