What is the feeling about an alternative to CoderHire ?

Hi, ive been thinking about creating an alternative to CoderHire for a number of reasons:

  1. Make it cheaper to be a developer(altough its not to expensive)
  2. Be less of an asshole of an owner
  3. Make it so its possible to pay with bitcoin if the developer wants
  4. Also make it possible to pay the developer subscription($5-$10) with bitcoin
    5.Make buyers unable to resell code
  5. More…

So what do you think of alternative to CoderHire.com ?

PS. Sorry for my bad English i dident have any time to spell check this post.

I see no point in an alternative for any reasons you have listed other than the bitcoin acceptance I think this is a great idea but I would rather see coderhire adopt this.

This is probably the worst idea ive seen in a little while (I mean, come on…#3 and #5?)

Can you please tell me why its a bad idea that buyers cant resell the code ?

What is wrong with idea 3?

  1. The current developer subscription is not horribly pricey. Especially considering the amount you get back.
  2. Undefined isn’t an asshole. Unless you leak and shit.
  3. A lot of people who buy scripts on CoderHire, as is, probably don’t even know what this is.
  4. Possibly.
  5. Buyers can’t resell code as it is on CoderHire. Unless I’ve been missing something.

Plus, it’s been attempted before, and failed miserably. Ie coder-launch. However, it would be nice to have competition, so good luck I suppose.

1)What ive heared about the owner is that he is an asshole, but i dont know him so…
2)They arent allowed to resell, but what im thinking off is to make it harder to resell, with a system to check that only one person can run the script at the time.

Well why would you say he is an asshole if you have no idea who he is…
Secondly…What are you talking about with “Only one person can run the script at a time”.

I mean so that if two or more servers run the same instace of the script at the same time the script will stop working for all but one of them(or all of them).

And how are you planning to prevent that?

Off course i cant prevent a coder from running the script on many servers, but the average owner of a gmod server dont have any code experience. So i will have a master database and everytime a sever is restarted(or every day/week) a file will run and check if another ip have run that instance of the script.

Remember the above method is just an idea and i will improve on it when i start developing.

  1. *too. Also, the fee is there to support the website; I’m sure it gets quite a bit of traffic.
  2. Can’t think of a time Adam has been an asshole. Just don’t leak shit and you’ll be fine.
  3. Bitcoin is really unstable on value and can doom a company.
  4. Refer to 3.
  5. They already can’t. That’s called leaking.

Competition is fine, however, its success can’t be guaranteed.

Actually, most GMOD owners should know the basics of how to put // in front of a custom check that you fantasize about running to check the legitimacy of their script.

The way im thinking to implement Bitcoin is to have an dynamicly generated price based on the price/per bitcoin. Also when my brother was setting up a gmod server he baught a tonn of addons from a friend, that the friend had baught on CoderHire.

Good to know…wanna give us his username?

You wish…

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But, getting back on track, what is the feeling about an alternative to CoderHire?

Anyway, let’s pretend this is a good idea in the first place…

Do you have any coding experience? Can you actually produce a product, or are you an ideas guy?

Let’s not forget about Coder-Launch.

Yes, i can code, im currently developing a automatic donation system (Yhat you can checkout here: where im gonna use some of the money i earn on that to found the site im talking about here(If i make it a reality).

So for 500 DarkRP moniez, it will cost me $250? Lol.