What is the funniest experience on gmod you have had?

Just wondering what people have found funny. I need a good laugh :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine is where we were doing zombie roleplay. We had barricaded the door of a house in rp_evocity and were hoping they couldnt get in. They broke down the barricade and the door flew to the other side of the room. I resorted to hiding in the bedroom while my friend stayed and fought and eventually died. Zombies clambered into the room and I fought desperatly to stay alive. As I got to my last bit of health a giant smiling spy head came in and killed all the zombies by smashing into them. My other friend (who had earlier died at the flea market) had wired it so that when he pressed a key it said “Oh! Zat was a spicy meatball!”

I roflmaloled.

Mine was when someone posted a thread called “What is the funniest experience on gmod you have had?” In the lua section

Why would you take the time to navigate to the “newbie questions” portion of the lua sub-forum and post a thread completely irrelevant to lua?

Nice first post.