What is the glitch with the servers people are talking about?

What is this glitch with the servers?
People are telling me not to put up my private Gamemode…

is it Datasteam? I’d kinda laugh, if people were stealing gamemodes from that.


Basically, Azuisleet and his bunch of “elite” lua scripters have decided to steal gamemodes. The glitch allows them to download any script from whichever sever they want, and then they would have proceeded to release it, had their blog not been taken down due to terms of use violation.

The bug was in the source-engine which allowed uploading files to arbitrary positions.
This allowed installing scripts in order to download gamemodes.
This has been fixed in the last update CLIENTSIDE - For a serverside fix you had to upload engine.dll and some other one I can’t remember to your own server.

Oh, thats what it was.

Nope, just engine.dll.

So basically it still isn’t fixed?

Yes and No. From what Azuisleet said, they simply restricted uploading .lua and .dll.

Not really. AzuiSleet originally said it was fixed, then (I guess) went and tested it. You can still overwrite files, unless you upload the client’s engine.dll to the server.

Easy version: Currently, uploading Lua and dlls does not work, but the exploit is not fixed.

So it’s still vulnerable like before.
Just upload a cfg (e.g. server.cfg) with a run_lua command and you can work around this filter.

I just “invented” this method 10 seconds after I read your post. Valve has to do a better fix, if this is true.