What is the gravitational constant in gmod?

Im using entity gates to apply force on an object, and i wonder what g is, so that i can make objects behave in a way i want them. I have found out that g is not 10.

You mean 9.81.

But it is simply 600 by default. Which can be changed in console: sv_gravity.

Read the wiki page. http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Physics

Basically, in gmod, g is 600 for all intents and purposes.

600 inches per second squared… or…
15.24 m/s squared

Not the 600 thing. I found that if a force acts on an object and this force is 9.05 times its mass it seemed to almost counter the gravity.

It’s 600, depending on update rate. Try F = mass*600/rate for example 0.01 sec:
function ENT:Think()
local thinkrate = 0.05
if not self.somenextthink or self.somenextthink<=CurTime() then
local phys = self:GetPhysicsObject()
if phys and phys:IsValid() then
self:applyForceCenter( Vector(0,0,1)*phys:GetMass()*600/thinkrate )
self.somenextthink = CurTime()+thinkrate

Rate in a think loop is 1/60 seconds.


So how do i find my update rate? I basicly have it like this:
I have an entity applyforce gate which is inputed a vector of 0,0,mass*9.014 and it nearly neutralises gravity.


Um, yeah. Wire control gate entity. Its not an expression 2 chip.

Um, yeah. Lua. Its not an expression 2 chip.


Can’t help there.

Doesnt matter, as long as it works, which it does.