What is the lazy aim update?

I searched but couldn’t find anything about it. Is it to make crosshair overlays less effective for hip firing?

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Mysterious mysteries.

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its the aimbot client i made.

helk was tired of every new kid bitching about how i “hack” so he implemented the LazyAim.

I would think it’s like Operation Flashpoint’s / Red Orcestra’s / ARMA’s deadzone aiming, where the gun moves a little within an aim circle

Just imagine a circle in the middle of the screen and the crosshair moving inside of that circle, that should give you a good idea of what it (probably) is.

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Have a video, skip to 1:30 for an example of a really high/large deadzone.

It means the gun moves a tiny tiny bit before the “crosshair” moves. meaning that the guns have a very small dead zone in the middle before they start to move. If you do tiny circle movements with your mouse you will see that the gun slightly moves but your screen doesn’t. This only applies to hip firing, not aiming down the sights. (I hope people can understand what I wrote, it’s kind of hard to explain with text)