What is the most convenient mod you have found?

If you have ever found a mod that was very usefull when you needed it, please share (post the link for it aswell).

I don’t mean “I was looking for phx2 and I found phx3”

What I do mean: "I was looking for a mod to disract pedofiles so I could run away from them, and I found an ak47 that shoots babies. www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=72724 "
I know gay example :D.

Smart snap

That ^

Well pretty much that and wire.

Easy Precision next to Smartsnap.

Which is included in PHX3 I guess, but still.


Tool Search and Sound List
(also smartsnap)

Well this, followed by the Weight Stool.

anti noclip

Also, Resource Browser is VERY useful.


^^This this and this.