What is the most money you have earned in an RP server?

Whats your number?

(If you are an admin, and gave yourself money, this doesn’t count)

Most money I have made:

*Over 2 billion dollars. *How? I was on the Significant RP server (great RP btw…) and I robbed an administrator.

Me: This is a stickup! Give me $1000!!
Admin: Is this enough?
*I picked up the cash model on the floor, within a matter of seconds, I have just made 2 billion dollars. :smiley:
*Me: Oh.
Me: My.
Me: **God. **
Admin: Np
Me: **Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! **
Admin: Friend request?
Me: YES!

Since then, I have made over another 100,000 without any help.

Post your RP money experience!

I got 27k in one day, donated like 50 cents for 10k then money printered my ass off.

I won the 18 billion dollar lottery in biscuits of brutality.

In my opinion that hasn’t got much to do with RP. More like admin abuse. :stuck_out_tongue:


Even though you robbed him. Because no person carries billions of dollars in their pockets.

1927+e or something like that

Without the number after the e, that is only $1,927.

Without admin assistance, about $550,000 on a highly inflated server. The salary of a citizen was $160.




Oh hey! I’m an admin there… or was until the server closed down. Good times!

Thats $4.99, not very much

about 15000 - 20000 but then i bought a shipment of deagles.

I reached 40000, without even using money printers.
It was a zombie “rp” server, and i took a class that spawned with a fucking grenade launcher, some random handgun, a mine, and a crossbow. (It was all madcows)
Went on a zombie rampage (obviusly, what else was i supposed to do eh?)
Turns out you get a lot of money for killing them zombies…and then i got banned for 5 minuttes because i accidently killed 5 players with my grenade launcher, good times.
I wonder if i would have been banned for 7 minuttes if i had killed 7 people.

all i did was this in console:

rcon lua_run FindPlayer([[tobba]]):AddMoney(math.huge)


Actually, it’s 4.9 Quintillion Dollars. AKA: Equivalent of what $4.99 is now in another 10 years time.

i have $9999999992103 on my rp server lol

I believe i’ve said enough

About 895,000 on PERP, and then perp2 was released

I think it was around $1,500,000 from stealing and selling a lot of shit. I lost it all and went down too around 150 when supplying a major faction.

#INF is not a great value of money to have.

300000 on a DarkRP server where some retard admin accidently changed the money printer money spawned to 10000.

That’s still using admin powers to gain money.

DarkRP(DM) - 60K
PERP - 95K

All i can remember.