What is the most up to date mdl decompiler?

I’m using cannonfodder’s mdl decompiler 0.5.2 fixed by Erix920, i’m trying to decompile the HL2 Citizen playermodels (Group03/Female_01) but the decompiler keep spurting an error: “Error Vertex File …Female_01.vvd checksum 1651350973 should be -1513987054” and stop before finishing.

Any idea what i could do? (i would like to make a variation of this model with multiple skins)

Use StudioCompiler for the original models (as in Valve stuff) and for most other things, only use mdldecompiler if StudioCompiler doesn’t work on it (but then generally it won’t either).

And that one you said there is the most up to date mdldecompiler.

So aparently i’m hosed -_- neither StudioCompiler or mdldecompiler seems able to deompile models/player/Group03/Female_01.mdl

which do peoples use to make citizen playermodel variations?

have you got the .vtx , .vvd and .phy files from the source models GCF to go with it? as it wont decompile if you’ve just got the .mdl.

yeah i just noticed that the citizen mdl gmod has in the player folder is exactly the same that is in “source models.gcf” in the humans section, and this one decompile so i’m gonna work on it.

Also found out about the nasty uvw map shifting in cannonfodder’s mdl decompiler, i assume you need to fix it in every single lod? or is there a trick for the mdl exporter to auto generate the lod files?

I managed to compile it successfully so mdlviewer will take it, HOWEVER, in mdlviewer it seems i have no smoothing groups anymore, altho they are in 3dsmax… any idea?

I’m not sure about the LODs but the loss of smoothing is something to do with the 3dmax SMD exporter, what version are you using?

latest, 1.5 , it seems, at least for this model, i have to check the ‘use alternate normal export method’ the normals look fine with it.

Well… at least it’s going better than my previous attempts, i’m going to fix all the lods texture coordinates, is there any way to fix the eyelid flex? it’s like the only flex the model is missing…


Victory! i just managed it, my own version of Female_01, with player animations, npc animations, and 3 skin sets!


Nice :slight_smile: How did you fix the eyelid flex? (if you did) because no-one has found a way before (as far as they’ve let on anyway)

well i didn’t fix it so far, i might look into it tho, right now i’m cramming more skins :smiley:

makes me wonder actually, on all the citizen texture sheets there are TWO front and two sleeves pair, any idea why? i see some peoples who make skin only do one of the two.

hahaha i’m not sure it’s even allowed to have so much fun :smiley:


7 skins now, and i only stopped because i failed to find more that i liked.

This is strange i carefuly looked over the new model’s animations and i can definitely say that the walk animation is lightly different from the original, in my case, the moment the foot hit the ground there is a light shaking in the knee.

That’s another thing to put on cannonfodder’s decompiler decompiling errors?


Doesn’t happen into the sdk’s model viewer, only into my DModelPanel

Where did you find the last 4 skins? And are there also variants for the male citizens?

the 4 last are from a survivor pack on garrysmod.org the male counterparts are simmilar but different.