What is the name of this gamemode?

I was once on a sandbox server that had rondomky spawned zombies, and when you kil one, you get like 10 dollars or 20 dollars or something like that depending on the type of zombie you killed. It’s not zombie survival because you can build, and the one I saw was on the map gm_bigcity. You can use the money to buy things in an f4 menu like guns, and health and ammo, similar to darkrp. Thank you all!!!

– Kimzey

Zombie RP?

That is still DarkRP.

It is RP mod…dayz mod is joke.

I want you to leave and never come back.

Wasn’t this mod called something like Left 4 Dead?

Sounds like Zombified World to me.

Same, definately not to do with DayZ or anything but it’s probably got to be Zombified Worlds because I played on the Stoned Potatoes’ Zombified World server sometimes. Don’t think it’s been ported into GMod 13 yet though unless someone is smart at lua and can try to port it to the current version.

I think it may of been mine, it had a shop that was essentially the DarkRP entities menu, I did run it on gm_bigcity and sandbox. But, I don’t have it anymore so.

I can easily port zombiefied world to gmod 13, but I would need the gmod files and I dont believe theyve been released.