What is the "passive" holdtype?

Hi, I decided it was time to learn how to code sweps ^^ so I looked inside weapon_base, and found this in sh_anim.lua in like the first few lines:
local ActIndex = {
[ “pistol” ] = ACT_HL2MP_IDLE_PISTOL,
[ “smg” ] = ACT_HL2MP_IDLE_SMG1,
[ “melee2” ] = ACT_HL2MP_IDLE_MELEE2,
[ “passive” ] = ACT_HL2MP_IDLE_PASSIVE, // <<< WTF IS THIS CRAP
[ “knife” ] = ACT_HL2MP_IDLE_KNIFE

But seriously, what is the passive holdtype, I have never even heard of it before… I know automatically your brain thinks, passive…idle??? But no, the holdtype “normal” is the idle position with hands at your sides.

Please answer as I think this is the only non-noobish question I have asked.
PS: This isn’t listed on wiki (probably cause the author didn’t know what it was lol)

Question to admins: Is it against rules to repeatedly rate someone dumb, even if the post is not dumb, Derek_SM, cough, lawl I’m being a hypocrit, but is it?

It puts the rifle down like you are walking with it. It “lowers” the rifle.

Yes it is. Report it.

…? So like the combine stand there with their smg in front of them and the barrel is facing their side, and the stock is facing the other side? Like that?

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I tried testing on the css ak47 that came with gmod, I set SWEP.Holdtype to passive, and it stayed the same as the ar2 holdtype… why D:

Thanks I will

Did you set it on server & client?

It’s shared

EDIT: The (only) file for the css weapon is shared