What is the point of Spacebuild

Hello what is the point of spacebuild?

Build stuff, explore planets, maintain life support on a ship/station, kill each other, blow shit up, terraform planets, mine astroids…

It’s about building… in SPACE!

You build ships, explore planets, build stations, watch them not get used as no one knows how to build ships, fun as hell when you teach people gas systems.

The point is flying to the sun to become the sun king.

If you took a minute to think about the gamemode’s name you’d know.

The point is to build a ship that jumps out of your screen and tells you the meaning of life, trough laughter.

Back in the day, the point used to be pissing people off with fusion bombs.

Nowadays there is no point.

Last time I played in GM12 I loved the gold fish. For serious ships I used to love the photon torpedos but if they hit the map boundaries the server would crash :frowning: