what is the progamming visual studio to put Quickbms source to see how it work?

I want to make bms script. But don’t know how it can dump the encrypt file. Can somebody explain how it work? Have lot bms script for testing, learning. But I don’t know how to use it for learning. How can ‘dump’ a encrypt game file? first time I want to make script with python for understand. Like this script: http://aluigi.altervista.org/bms/deus_ex_mankind_divided.bms . Can someone convert it to python for me. Or mexscript for I put in Multi Ex Commander. If not help translate, please understand what I need to help.

Thanks you.

You again. This is not the right goddamn forum to post this.

And you still seem not to understand what “encryption” means.

What the fuck?

Why would you post such a useless reply?

Yours isn’t much better tho :v:.

But seriously, there’s not much you can post about this bullshit due to how stupid it is.

This is the third thread in a series of completely incoherent ramblings about “dumping” and “decrypting” files from some game totally unrelated to Gmod. There also seems to be a trend of providing less context with each thread. My feelings toward this can be summarized as follows:

What the fuck?

sorry, i’m out now.