What is the Semi-Auto Rifle based on?

Just curious, what is the Semi-Auto Rifle based on?

Honestly I don’t think it’s based on anything, it’s made of wood and thin metal pipes. I think they just created their own makeshift looking gun, like the eoka.

The Eoka is actually based on a real weapon; Facepunch just added the striking mechaninc for more unique weapons.

If I remember correctly from the dev blogs, I think its very loosely based on the M14 rifle. Quite frankly, I like how they try to make the weapons as unique as possible, and not just a straight forward copy of the real thing.

I don’t think Facepunch even came up with the concept for that gun. I believe a player made art of a Semi-auto rifle and Facepunch implemented it into the game. Still a great addition though.

I wish they would add the m14 looking one in the future.


The semi auto rifle looks very similar to the m14 in its design,clip size,and iron sights. So I think that’s where it is from.

Yeah, would’ve liked the more M14-like rifle; I also want a more traditional-looking pump-action shotgun. I feel like we could get a skin system based on alternate models, that would be really cool and unique to Rust.