What is the VR support currently like?

Very new to this forum and S&box but I have a lot of potential passion for it, everything I’ve seen about S&box rn is pancake stuff, but I believe there are plans for VR too yeah? I have not seen anything about VR yet, so I was wondering if you can even currently develop anything in VR and what’s the state of the VR support?

Also sorry if this is a FAQ, I tried to search for it but ‘vr’ is too short a search term.

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As far as I know there is no VR support implemented right now, and Garry said that it’s not a priority, but it’s something they should do.

I think (and hope) that it will be implemented later on though.

This is not related to this thread but I think it’d be a bit bothersome to create a new one for every question so I’ll ask one more here.
What is importing stuff into S&box like? Can you do it? What can you import as in what are the limitations, can you import 3D models and textures and possibly animations?

Also is there a FAQ thread somewhere?

You import models and textures through Source 2 tools, so models through Modeldoc, textures through Material Editor. It supports pretty much everything you need, it’s a huge difference between Source 1 workflow.

There are some FAQ threads:

thanks, love ya!

This was definitely something the game will release with at some point. Since garry did want VR to be a part of S&box.

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I was just quoting Garry, and I too believe it will be implemented at some point:


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I think the dev channels have a #vr channel, I don’t know what’s in there but I saw it at some point

Didn’t say he didn’t want it, just that he wanted the game to be in a working state before they go after it.