What is the workshop addon size limit?

I thought the limit was 100 mb, but I’d love to get a concrete answer on this. On Wednesday, I was able to upload an 80 meg addon, and today I can’t upload one that’s 70 megs. I was able to upload one that less than one megabyte, so uploads aren’t entirely broken.

When uploading, I get the screen that looks like this below. I try again, and get the same result. Am I doing something wrong, or what?

Depends on what’s in the addon, garry uses compression to compress it, and whether that’s under 100MB varies on file-content. That or the workshopper is just not working (it does that sometimes).

Not sure about the uploading limit, but a dedicated server won’t download addons in workshop.vdf that are bigger than 64MB

workshop limit is about 100mb compressed-- give or take 350mb uncompressed.