What is the worst thing a minge has done to you? (Version 2)

Here’s mine:

Prop kills me

Over and over again.

We’ll be having to deal with MORE minges around April-End of summer.

I see my fair share of minges, being administrator on a server. They often start destroying peoples stuff, spamming bouncy balls, and that kind of stuff…then they ask for admin. The worst is when someone joins, and without hesitation spams loads of large props in the space of a few seconds, crashing the server…Normally they can be dealt with, but I often use the lighter punishments. By which time, I realise that I should have banned them by the time they finally decide to take advantage of the chances I give them.

Hit my contraptions with a crowbar


Came into the server and spammed the giant freggin box prop. On CONSTRUCT! You spawned and couldn’t move there was so many.

Kept nuking the map

an Evil Mingebag made some wired thingy with a huge laser thingy wich crashed everyone :argh:

Stole my prototype Cloak E2 and drove around my favourite RP server running people over in a huge van. When the admin joined, he saw something invisible going around hitting people, and as he knew I was working on a cloak he banned me and removed me from friends. This was 2 months ago and I haven’t been unbanned since :saddowns: .

LOL@! That fucking sucks…

Can i have the clocking e2? :slight_smile:

One clocking E2, coming up.

@name Clock E2
@outputs Time:string



All right, serious code:

@name Cloak E2
@persist Contraption:array Cloak
@inputs CloakButton
if (first()) {
Contraption = entity():getConstraints() }

if (CloakButton & ~CloakButton) {
Cloak = !Cloak
if (Cloak) {
if (!Cloak) {
for (CV=1,Contraption:count())

May be a few bugs, I just copied it out from my main E2. Stick the E2 on a contraption, then wire up CloakButton to a non-toggled button or non-toggled numpad input.
EDIT: Works :buddy:

An adminge banned me from my favorite server… super sadface…

A few minges went into my server, and made a big bulky contraption made of shipping crates, with a big laser on top, he kept killing everyone on the server, until we eventually all crashed.

That is why you restrict tools on your server :smith: