What is the worst thing a mingebag has done to you?

What is the worst thing a mingebag has done to you or the worst you have seen?

Mingebags don’t do bad things to me because I either see the good in them and bring them under my wing, or much more commonly I do something much worse to them than they did to me or at least something a lot harder to stop.

One crashed the entire server by blackholing the massive base I built. Got really pissed because I didn’t save it.

One destroyed everyones hard work, destroyed a base, and crashed the server by spawning hundreds of zombies.

Spawned 100 bridges and about 500 barrels and exploded them crashing server, that is about everyone’s worst experience.


Came over to the house and punched me in the face


He deleted everyone’s props (Using nail tool.) and when we said

 Wtf are you doing this is madness

Then he said

fucking sparta noob


Mindgebags fail… Anyway, the worst thing a minge did to me was just coming to the server and jacking me with a crowbar… randomly. I kicked him to see if he`d get the message, but he kinda crashed my server with barrels afterwards.

No comment.

I just started today and I’ve been kicked for not being very good in terms of creativity and building. =/

They ragdolled me and my friend and did sexposes,WAIT,they were litfuse guys.Uhh,shit.Anyways,one real mingebag started spamming servers and fucking up my building,that’s the worst thing because I avoid them.

Given me bad ratings i.e “This player is naughty.” or “GAY” ect…

Ragdoled me, and did sex poses. :frowning:

One of them shot my mother.

Then crashed a server with explosive barrels.

Lucky me, they would not do anything. But I’ve seen some bad things. Mingebags prop surfing and running people down.

Worst thing a mingebag did to me…
Once on a server, I was all alone. I was building a fully working wood wars tank. It was going very nicely and was the most complex contraption I had made up to that point. So I was fairly close to getting done and saved my progress with the advanced duplicator, when soon after someone joins… That 10 year old voice sent shivers up my spine.
So I continue building as he continuously harpoons my tank again and again. Afraid it will break something, I tell him about 2 or 3 times to stop using it. He continues anyway so I delete his harpoon launcher.
Next thing I know a rocket blows the tank to pieces. Luckily I had most of it saved but getting the wheels back the right way was a pain.
Anyway, the rest of the next 15 minutes he is using some kind of bottle launching Swep and spams bottles everywhere. after it becomes apparent that he will just keep blowing up every tank I respawn, I kill him a couple times then just stand the map edge waiting for him to get bored of blowing up my tanks and shooting bottles at me. but for at least a full 5 minutes he continues to shoot bottles without stop calling me a mingebag the entire time. Getting bored myself I start shooting whatever bottles don’t break on impact. This only makes him press harder and he crashes the server with the bottles.

About… 3 hours later I get back onto that same server. I join to find him there but it’s his big brother playing instead. He makes his brother apologize, then puts him back on. After he gets on, he demolishes the wooden hut his big brother made and starts swinging a bunch of crap and just being annoying. the admin joins and apparently, this mingebag was scheduled for testing to become admin. He had his contraption saved in advanced duplicator… and he got promoted to admin.

I know I have some much worse ones that I cannot remember at the moment, but only because I had my tank saved as an advanced duplication. He was by far the most annoying person I’ve met online. I fear for anyone that joins his server when he’s the only admin around.

The worst thing I’ve seen a Mingebag do was crash a server where we had 10 people working on a very big project. It took us about 6 hours to do, and when we were about to save it and get screenshots, here comes the minge and he killed all of us and dropped a Nuke which broke all of the constraints and then he crashed the server with the stacker tool and explosive barrels.

I usually play on my friends server, which has a password. So I usually don’t see many mingebags. But one of my friends got Garry’s Mod a while ago, and right when he got on the server, he came right up to me and used the phys gun on what I was working on. Not a very good first impression.

Started blowing up everyone at the build server, nothing special.

Well, this guy, “dr. Steam” comes on my server where i have built an awesome fort, with the spawn in the middle, and after five minutes of wandering around he nukes it! i had a nuke-proof room upstairs in the skyhouse so i was fine, and got to see my wonderful fort falling around me. then when i get out of my pod and exit the room, he puts me in a crate and stuffs me in the corner, i never escape, i ban him.
when the next guy comes on, from a different IP, i half to guide him to the corner of flatgrass and about fifty yards up. when he finds me up there in my crate (i’m eating cheetos at my desk) i tell him to shoot it, which he does, with the remover gun! so i respwan and continue building, then that guy noclips his monolithic fortess on wheels with mine and comes a rollin’ through, crushing me to no end!