What is the worst thing a mingebag has done to you?

minge bag once caused the server i was on to turn into a dm server, and worse he was crying on his mic the entire time

Minge joined once on my server…

he seemed nice, i told him how to change his name, make a catapault, things like that.

But afterwards he took out his physgun and grabbed my sculpture i was working on for the last while(It was GOING to be a big :v:, made of metal panels)It instantly spazzed and flew around smashed into one of my friends contraptions(who is also an admin) who then kicks the minge…

Minge joins again and crashes the server.

Ragdolled me then wielded me to a spinning merry go round.

He turn off noclip and made a jail around everybody and planted bombs around the jail and detonate it. so the server crash

Building a Rave Room around the spawnpoint… Not just that but it was an exploding rave room, not good.

Sexual Harrasment. :tinfoil:

A picture is worth a thousand words.









Maybe not the worst thing but this is my ONLY experience with Mingies.

One of my horrible experiences with these mingebags. is that they spammed lazers and props so that any prop would bounce on the map and then being killed by a hundred lazers directed as spawn points was annoying also, a lot more annoying than not being able to build.

He joined my server.

I permabanned him.

End of story.

I remember that day ::sob:: A minge stole my black cherry with a physgun and an angry phys Model (::crys in corner::slight_smile:

2 people staying in a server and votekicking anyone who joined.

don’t know which mod it was but some minge made a contraption that would teleport to a player’s location and suck them up into the prop. Which was really cool and i didn’t mind the first 2 times but then he got carried away and sucked up everyone in the map.
He did stop though, not really bad but the worst experience I’ve had

Haven’t had much bad experience with minges. Worst probably was when I was on a gcombat server, building a cannon, and some minges started using cannons that blew up around 1/10 of the map, and they spammed with maybe 5 of them, repeatedly, and as far as I remember, crashed the sever.

I was brb and when I came back everything was fucked up and I was in a cage.
Also, He painted: “Admin sucks” On a wall, with blood.

I was scared :frowning:

Yah that happens when you go afk, happened to me but the paint was white and it said Fuck.

A MingeBag removed every single wip ship in a spacebuild server. (it had prop protection of some sort)

He spawned two stargates and dialed. He then closed an iris and threw the other one on people’s spaceships.
Pretty clever exploit, for a MingeBag.

I had been building a large complicated giants robot type thing. A MingeBag joins when I have the thing in two pieces trying to position the two sections to weld the torso to the legs so I could start work on making arms. S/he deletes the whole thing and starts laughing in a little irritating voice like a little kid then kills me calling me a Noob. The administrator banned him…

Edit: The second worse thing they did to me was being born :slight_smile:

HE MADE ME POST IN A “What is the worst thing a Mingebag has done to you?” THREAD!!

It worked.

I hate to derail this thread in any way, but as a newbie I have to ask, what is a mingebag? Just any kind of jerk running around screwing people’s stuff up?

Pretty much, but if you want an example, host a listen server with “build” or similar in the name. You’ll get a couple of good examples.

Also, when I didn’t know how to properly administrate a server.
they were making spinning props and putting barrels on them. I didn’t know how to ban them so I practically disabled everything on the server, spawning props etc. Everyone left, and I got bored.