"What is this?" (A vortigaunt finds a gravity gun.)

Haven’t done a pose in a while, but here goes!

"What is this?"




He’s standing in an awkward pose.

Good idea though, and nice atmosphere and setting you got there.

I like the glow on the gravity gun.

The Freeman will want this back…if he can get it back.
If the Freeman cannot retrieve this tool then all is lost.

I didn’t think it was that awkward. :saddowns:


The level of detail is extraordinary!

Nice editing as well.

The Vort on the crate is getting ready to spread his legs and get fucked

I actually like the pose of the vortigaunt, idk why.
i think it’s a perfect picture can’t see any error with it honestly.

Great prop placement.

The vortigaunt holding gravity gun is standing awkwardly, his right leg is weird. The glow is a bit not-light-emitting, but I love the atmosphere, composition, dof and prop placement.
Good work!

The posing looks a little off but the prop-placement and depth-of-field are superb.

When I saw the skull on the right, I immediatly though of Gordon. I’d rate you a funny for this, but here, have a wood.

His legs are pretty darn awkward.

But otherwise, really nice small adjustments you did, good job on adding slight and smooth shadows on many of the objects.

Thanks everyone!