What is this bot on my server?

I keep seeing this bot show up on my sandbox server, not sure what it is, or how to keep it from coming. Anyone know what this is, or how to “ban” it?

Anybody have any input? It’s still popping up, and I really don’t feel like getting hacked.

Is it really a bot?

You can check it by putting status in console. Bots usually have no steam id (0:0:000000 or something like that). If it has a steam ID, just ban it. Otherwise I think you should check your add-ons and other stuff.

BTW I’m no expert at this but I’m not dumb either.

Nevermind, I didn’t see the picture first.

The fact that it has an IP address would make me think that someone did something to your server.

Ban it by it’s IP-address. If it comes back, ban it by it’s steam ID. If it STILL comes back, put a password on your server.

OK, you guys obviously didn’t see the line at the bottom:

3 “Bot01” BOT active

Just kill ‘it’ or bind something to keep him killed, OR get ASSmod or something and Jail him :v:

Check your autoexec’s Or just type in autoexec “kick Bot01”

There’s no IP or steamID listed.

See above.

Check your addons/derma/autorun/server folder, and your lua/autorun/server folder, It appears you’ve got one variant of an exploit someone uploaded involving bots.

Now we are on the right track. What am I looking for?

You are looking for derma_networking.lua

or do a search for any file modified in your server directory since a week before you started having this problem. ive seen people talking about bots with a file called “gm_cmd.dll” being uploaded.

Well I changed sv_download and sv_upload to 0 and I haven’t seen it since. I heard it was some kind of exploit, but, it’s gone now!