what is this error message?!

it happens every time. I start up garrys mod,


i get to the menu fine…


I load a map, GM_construct, i have NO MAP ADDONS


I get that far then it shuts down and says this!


the error window says Engine Error, and inside the window, it says:

failed to lock vertex buffer in CMeshDX8::LockVertexBuffer

what does it mean, and can i fix it?!

Try updating graphics drivers.

Sorry, this may not be informative or helpful but I just really quickly need to ask you, how in the fuck did you get it for mac? Was it for mac all this time? :ohdear:


Also have you had this error since buying it on Steam?

wait a second, is GMod already on mac? brb making module to ban mac users

i got this thing called crossover games,http://www.codeweavers.com/products/cxgames/ it worked fine on crossover, right up until the steam change thing.
i have had garry’s mod for 2 years.

Thank all the shit in the world.

This man deserves hearts and Internets!

nope i’m way ahead of the game.

Well fuck me for having a great OS :colbert:


Yes, macs are dumb, they can’t be upgraded, only REBOUGHT!

when was this filmed? 1998? the mac he is probably talking about looked like this


unfortunately, i bought a new PC that that almost instantly burns out and crashes when i try to load tetris. so now needs a new sound chip, and a new graphics drive. I wait for that in the mail. 6 weeks later, it arrives, i have to install it my self, and there is no instructions for that. And because I used internet explorer, you had no protection from viruses! Now my computer wont start, so I had to get a new hard drive, because my hard drive is corrupted! I install the hard drive, then i have to install windows again, then i try to upload some photos from my camera, the system shuts down, then it tells me to cold shut down by holding the power button. then i turn it back on, and it has to check every single file in the universe, one file every 3 seconds. back to home desktop after a few days of loading, and restarting from over heating, and it says, HEY YOU HAVE NO VIRUSES PROTECTION! BUY THIS! about every four seconds.

i sold it for 50$ on ebay, bought a mac, had it for 6 years and never had a problem. i got a new one recently, it is very fast and nice, the one garry has in his office. the system has never faulted, only that emulator, and i upgraded my ram from 2GB to 6GB. True story. Now give me a nice response to that.