What is this map?

I cannot seem to find this map for the life of me…

What is the first map in the following video:

If you guys can help, thanks :slight_smile:

It seems like a shitty DarkRP edit. That youtuber seems to have a server in the description, you could probably try connecting to it and downloading the map (in your downloads folder).

That’s his server. He doesn’t run that map bro.

If its his server he just needs to look in the maps folder or the maplist.txt to find out the name :slight_smile:


nm i’m confusing myself :frowning:

Just look at the name of the map when you join the server.

I don’t know the server, lol.

Hey, I looked at the video and found their server IP. From there I searched in game tracker and found that they use rp_downtown_reloaded. Here is the Workshop page for it. Hope this helps!

The very first map is the police station from evocity_v33x.

I agree. Probably evocity.

Thanks a bunch, mate!


looks more like v4b1

In the beginning yes, because it is the jail from v4b1.
Everything else is downtown. So it looks more like downtown.