What is this mod of DARK RP?

Hello somebody knows east menu of darkrp? As it is called, very I am been thankful if it knows somebody it and the Link can pass me

Friendly thanks.

What the hell are you asking :psyduck:?

Somebody knows east menu?
I would be very thankful- I’m so confused.

What language do you speak?

I think it’s points mod if that’s what you’re asking.

http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=99724 ?

I don’t know this mod

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then why post?

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holy shit I hope I don’t get banned for predicting moderation

I am not English excuse. I need MOD Rp a city. Professions Ambulances Firemen Thank you very much


You have no education.

Ban without explanation. You are not worth moderator.

Not everyone is as smart as you.

He’s asking how to get custom jobs for DarkRP, such as Paramedics and Firefighters.

Personally I don’t know, but I figure the translation could help.

I banned you for 1 hour for not reading the sticky, Deal with it.

If that question
You are very kind Deprehensio

Find a new translator.

Sorry for my language.

I need good mod

Have a menu professions

And having police, burglar, fire, ambulance, taxi.

Thank you very much.

I saw a mod up like this earlier, but it seemed far too complicated to spend time on. I don’t think they are very popular when they are that comprehensive. I don’t think you can download this mod. Custom server mod perhaps.

DarkRP has custom jobs and stuff I think.

They are not that advanced though.

I’d like to see you moderating.

I think I finally came up with my Moderator title

“Uneducated Moderator”