What is this shadow??

My friend just logged and saw a mysterious shadow… “What do you think this shadow could possibly be?”

Video only goes for 6 sec’s… Let me know want you think it is :smiley:

It’s a Zombie :wink:

Well soon Rust will not have zombies, and this shadow could possibly be a peek of the new mobs.
Garry wanted to have a giant that destroys homes etc. - I think this is a great idea, we would have to round up all the naked guys to take down a huge giant haha. But this shadow looks to me like some sort of Minotaur like creature.

There’s also the possibility that it’s a distorted zombie shadow.

I saw that as well, my game just suddenly glitched out and it showed me that

Looks like something you have generated, I have top of the line computer and max visual settings, I never seen a shadow in Rust like that.

my friend said he spawned in and glitch out and recorded what he saw… that is all :wink:

There’s already a thread about this.


It’s the background of the main menu of rust.