What. Is. This.

Everytime when i start hammer, the textures of some surfaces turn to this
It’s totally random and it pisses me off.
I can fix it by remaking the brush but it appears on another one when i start hammer again
No errors, no errors on logs. wtf.


your vertexes are messed up?

Unless you’re talking about the clipping geometry, it’s a bit unclear what you’re talking about.

Never have two surfaces overlapping - the textures will spaz out, and in the case of displacements, the surfaces will not align well either as displacements can only be so mathematically accurate in Source for some reason.

Brush accuracy is shit in Source because brushes are stored as planes instead of by vertexes. every time you save a map, the entire world is corrupted because decimal precision is so bad. Displacements have no decimal precision and each vertex is a multiple of 1.

I mean that texture, some brushes change it’s texture to that brick texture every time i restart hammer.

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It happens on that ceiling too. There’s no other brush with that brick texture colliding anywhere, the texture just appears on that brush when i restart hammer. I can just simply remove it and recreate the brush, but when i save and exit hammer, and come back, it appears there AGAIN. How??

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Oh and by the way, the brick texture on that displacement is not visible in hammer, it appears on the brush in-game.

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When i select that brush on the corner, it clearly says that the texture is set to ep2_concretewall01e but it’s really that brick texture. I replace it, no problem, but when i quit hammer and come back, it’s there again.

May be some wacky VMF corruption going on. Open your VMF in a text editing program and search for instances of the brick texture that keeps appearing. Maybe quotes are missing somewhere or something, although typically you’d just have a corrupt file at that point.

You can also try using the Hammer Problem Checker, which is in one of the menues. Maybe it’s some other issue that that can fix.

I dunno, I’ve never seen this before. Maybe it’s just haunted by a ghost.

Thanks for the tip. I was thinking about the corruption too… God damnit the ghosts are always haunting me.

It looks like you placed a decal somewhere that is using the default brick texture. Try looking through all of the decal entities you’ve placed in the map and see if you can find the one that’s using that texture.