What is this

i cant play since the latest little update ?? i have a screen shot of what happened when i was kicked out of server but i can figure out how to attach a image

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[img]-insert image url here-[ /img]

but my pictures on my computer not the internet

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there is the link to the picture any way

There is no image attachment function on Facepunch. You need to upload it somewhere like imgur or Steam (Anywhere works, really) and then use img tags.

Here, I got it.


yer what is it, evertime i go to wake up it crashes and this pops up

Now if someone who plays Rust and knows what’s going on can help, that would be better.

that would be helpful

Can any one help me, cant play at all

I’m getting the same as him, Need some help!

I had that message too when I tried turning down my settings from fast to fastest. On fast settings I was getting invalid packet so I tried turning down the settings and then I got the ratchet message which I hadn’t had before. So I turned it back to fast and it seemed to of got rid of the ratchet message at least. So I dunno what settings you are on but it might help.

Tried what you said still didnt help thanks any way :slight_smile:

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Any Devs lookin at this post ?? can you help