What is this

Anyone knows what this is?

Iron ingots?

Well its new so i like it… :rock:

I was wondering that also. It does look like some sort of metal ingot.

It looks like something iron indeed. Ohh!!! Code locks? Could that be?
Also, what are those other things on the bottom line? rad pill / ? / berries? / gran bar / ? / ?

No clue what those are :o

Just had a 2nd thought on it. My guess it’s meat? Bear / wolf / chicken meat? Still figuring it out though.

Is there no hover text or something?

you should have just clicked on it it would’ve revealed what it was. There is no hover text.

the photo is from the rustafied.com blog.
So we can only guess :slight_smile: just wanted to create some hype on this new thing, what ever it is…

look at all the phallic designs. What’s up with that.

It’s Refined Metal

Do you think it will work like low quality metal (like in Legacy)?
If so, I hope wooden planks will make a comeback. Hah!

Not sure but i reckon it will be used for making guns and armor.

oh its on the dev. branch?

how is it made? and what use does it have?

thanks grymthor

Its on the normal branch now, I’m not sure what its used for yet, i used my admin powers to insta craft it

Like a true Norse God!