What is this

Last error

Looks like something messed up for that last error line, what addon is referred to “c”? There could be incompatible addons together so maybe try removing one and keep the other use process of elimination if that does not work I’ll have to look some more.

C isn’t an addon, it means the error originates from a function made in C(++)

though that error is seriously fucked up, i have no idea what it is

Oh I’m sort of autistic I guess never really worked with c++ but anyways go through your addons or better yet list the addons you have and I can see what’s up with them.

It seems like it’s only the formatting that’s terrible ( Something overwriting MsgC? Unless errors color directly from C / C++ instead of calling the Lua function )

Assuming the stack trace is correct focus on cl_init line 80. Seems like it’s calling “Alive” on a non-player entity / object / Alive isn’t defined for the object.

Post cl-init line 80, better if you post the block of code it’s in.

It only happens to that one player and ive only saw it this one time. i was wondering what it was, besides ive its happened before i wouldve gotten a email from my server(Custom dll).