What is up with the insane lag spikes on the official servers?

The title of the thread says it all, are you running the servers from a 56K AOL modem in the middle of the Atlantic sea or something.

Seriously gun fights are just a hideous laggy mess currently.

Please fix your shit servers facepunch, I mean your “official servers” should have the least amount of lag/rubberbanding rather than the other way around (for unofficial servers).

I love rust but this is pissing me off massively, get into a gun fight, lag out, suddenly die/warp 200 meters backwards. Its beyond a joke.

when you’re trying to get your friends with to play rust:


Im not on about the FPS lag (though it does memory leak horribly) but the server side lag which is truly horrendously abysmal

Holy shit, you’re right. It’s almost as if they aren’t focusing on servers right now because this game isn’t even Beta yet. :mindblown:

Amazingly you’d think that would be one of the first things to be sorted, as server stability is kinda important (also the games been in alpha for a good few years now…as in there’s been PLENTY of time to at least attempt to fix it)…but i might just be stupid.

Funny thing is this is probably gonna hurt there marketing. i see streamers CONSTANTLY complain about the lagg/fps drops etc and what if some new players comes in and wanna see if rust is worth buying? streamer goes “OMG WHY CANT THEY FIX THIS GAME” he’s just gonna leave and save his money for something else

What marketing?

The devs aren’t putting any effort into marketing Rust right now. It hasn’t even gone on discounted sale on Steam once in the almost two years it’s been on there.

The game’s in alpha in Early Access. SHIT’S BROKE and this is not the time for worrying about marketing.

If you can’t handle alpha software, buy a game that’s actually released as a 1.0 with stability and optimization already sorted out and play that for a while until Rust is further along.

When Rust actually is polished up and is worthy of not being called alpha or beta anymore, then marketing’s really important, but right now getting millions more people to buy into Rust would just repeat the DayZ mistake: DayZ burned through its relevancy in alpha; even if they finish the game now, most people have already moved on. A large number of early Rust players have likewise moved on (for the time being, until it’s finished). Why would the devs want to attract tons of people now? Let the streamer see how bad the current state is and go “I don’t want to promote that, it’s not finished”. And then when it is finished, work on getting the word out (through advertising/marketing) that Rust isn’t a buggy alpha mess anymore and people should give it another look to see all of the changes. That’s when attracting streamers and their audiences really matters.

I have no issues when on community servers run on dedicated boxes. Until you see the improvements you would like, maybe try a few of them out. Things will improve, until they do I suggest adapting.